M&A brokers focused on every aspect of selling your business.

Since October 2006, Allan Taylor has been focused exclusively on helping business owners with the sale of their most valuable asset: their business.

We take your life’s work as seriously as you do. We give careful thought and consideration to each engagement we take, and make sure that our strengths are a good match for you and your goals for a sale. We’ll give you our honest opinion throughout the entire process, something we hope you will notice from our very first meeting.

Quality over quantity makes us a “boutique” firm.

At Allan Taylor we build relationships before we broker deals. In order to give you our best, we prefer to work closely with a small number of successful and dedicated business owners. We spend hundreds of hours on the different phases involved in selling your business (typically a minimum of 200 hours), working collaboratively with your other advisors, as well as the buyer and their deal team. Our goal is to avoid disappointment by making sure all of our expectations are aligned before moving forward with selling your business.

We do our best to partner with business owners who have values similar to ours — including honesty, transparency, respect and follow through.

How we differ from traditional business brokers.

Finding the right people to help you sell your business can be a difficult task. Our clients tend to need a firm with a higher level of expertise and professionalism than typical “Main Street” business brokerage firms, yet are too small for the world of investment bankers.

Allan Taylor fills the gap.

We do not run our business based on a real estate model, and we won’t try to “sell” you on selling your business. On the contrary. We’ve found that successful sales require informed decisions, adequate preparation and a firm commitment from everyone involved. If we don’t think all of the ingredients are there for a successful sale, we’ll tell you as much and suggest we work together on a plan to get you there.

We’re known for a few things, especially this.

High quality buyers demand high quality marketing materials that tell the story of your company, and the opportunity to acquire it. This is one area where we’ve distinguished ourselves again and again. Before we take your business to market we put together a marketing package that is second to none. Buyers have made immediate offers based on the information presented in our Confidential Business Overview. Our materials have also held up to the rigorous scrutiny of lenders, investors, private equity groups and finance departments at publicly traded companies.

We can’t guarantee the outcome of any transaction. What we can guarantee is that your business will be presented to buyers in a way that gets noticed, and gets results.

We don’t have the biggest network. We have the right network.

At Allan Taylor we’ve spent years building a true nationwide network. The national attention we’ve received as experts in our field has allowed us to connect with credible buyers and deal professionals from all over North America. Unlike franchised business brokers who claim to have a “national” network because of their brand name, we have cultivated our network one relationship at a time. Finding a buyer for your business isn’t about a scattershot approach; it’s about knowing how to reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

Ready to get started?

As a businessman who has purchased and sold numerous businesses, I can attest to the quality marketing materials that Allan Taylor produces to represent their clients in the market place.  They are spot on accurate and elegantly produced”

– Hank Bird, VP of Pinnacle Packaging, Inc.