When Selling a Business Turns into Plan-B

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Anyone who has sold a business will tell you that it’s an eye-opening experience. The process of selling a business is something of a mystery until you go through it from start to finish. But what you really discover is a whole new way of looking at business in general, and your business in particular. […]

3 Things M&A Brokers and Wedding Planners Have in Common

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Back in February I got an unexpected Email in my in-box: We’d love for you to speak on selling a business at the Be Sage Conference this August 4-5 in Chicago. Our conference is an in-depth business strategy conference for small business owners in the wedding industry. This is a topic our audience is very […]

Do your numbers support the story of your business?

Do your numbers support the story of your business?

Every industry has its own special language, and the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is no exception. A blemish uncovered during due diligence may “torpedo” a deal, an active market is described as “frothy,” and tense moments between buyer and seller can cause deal “turbulence” — as in fasten your seatbelt while we get […]

Monthly Motivation for Selling a Business 09.14

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Following is a recap of some of my favorite Internet reads on selling a business, buying a business, business value, and other useful nuggets of small-business wisdom.  Looking ahead. I ran across this gem of a post on exit planning in an insurance journal. It does a great job of summing up the basic whys and […]

Business Valuation: Where Good Endings Start

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If you talk to anyone who has done business with me for any length of time — including less than an hour — they’ll most likely tell you that I gave them a book recommendation. As an English major, former bookstore employee, and avid reader I can’t resist trying to put people and books together. […]

Introducing our new brand: Allan Taylor & Co.

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After years of thinking about it, months of talking about it and weeks of agonizing over it, we’ve finally done it. Chris and I are thrilled to announce the start of a new chapter at our firm under a new brand name: Allan Taylor & Company. Why the change? I’ll never forget the first blog […]

Monthly Motivation for Selling a Business 08.14


Following is a short recap of some of the best articles I’ve read recently on selling a business, buying a business, business value, as well as other useful nuggets of small-business wisdom. [Plus a postcard from one of my travels through Main Street USA.] What creates value in your business? Don’t let the math stop you […]

Highrise CRM is for sale. And I’m still a customer.

Highrise CRM for Sale

Every once in a while you get a chance to put your money where your mouth is. An opportunity to ask yourself if you practice what you preach, knowing that anything other than a resounding “yes” will force you to ask yourself a more unsettling question: “Why not?” I came face to face with one […]