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When Selling a Business Turns into Plan-B

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Anyone who has sold a business will tell you that it’s an eye-opening experience. The process of selling a business is something of a mystery until you go through it from start to finish. But what you really discover is a whole new way of looking at business in general, and your business in particular. […]

Do your numbers support the story of your business?

Do your numbers support the story of your business?

Every industry has its own special language, and the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is no exception. A blemish uncovered during due diligence may “torpedo” a deal, an active market is described as “frothy,” and tense moments between buyer and seller can cause deal “turbulence” — as in fasten your seatbelt while we get […]

Business Valuation: Where Good Endings Start

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If you talk to anyone who has done business with me for any length of time — including less than an hour — they’ll most likely tell you that I gave them a book recommendation. As an English major, former bookstore employee, and avid reader I can’t resist trying to put people and books together. […]

Do You Own A Sellable Business Or A Job?

8 Ways to Tell if Your Business is Really a Job

Let’s be honest. Most of us took the leap into entrepreneurship because we wanted to be our own boss. Rather than work for someone else, we decided to swap reliable paychecks and good health insurance for the freedom and control associated with self-employment. Heck, we’ve all done it — some of us more than once. […]

5 “Strategic” Ways to Sell Your Business

5 “Strategic” Ways to Sell Your Business

Looking back on the path of business experience that brought me to where I am today, I always smile when I think about the two-year whirlwind I spent working for a venture-backed Internet startup in my hometown of Seattle. With my freshly-minted MBA in hand, I decided to ditch the “old economy” and join the […]

How to Sell Your Business for a Higher Multiple


Every two years we get swept up in Olympics fever at my house, and I tend to get hit the hardest. Snowboard cross, skeleton, curling — I’ll stay up to watch it all. Over the past week or so I’ve also watched several bloggers attempt to make elegant tie-ins between growing an “Olympic” caliber business […]