Sometimes you need an extra push to get across the finish line. It may be that you’d like to increase the value of your business before selling. Or perhaps you’re ready to focus on improving the overall “sellability” of your business, making it more attractive to buyers. Whatever your reasons, Allan Taylor can help you increase the value of your biggest asset and get both you and your business prepared for a sale.

Closing the gaps

Pre-sale planning (3 – 12 months)

We start with our business valuation process, then go through much of the same due diligence that a buyer would. We’ll work with you to fix some of the smaller issues associated with your business that could either delay the selling process, or put you at a disadvantage when negotiating with buyers.

Value enhancement (12+ months)

Sometimes there is a “value gap” between what your business is worth to a buyer today, and what you’d like to receive for your business when you sell. We’ll determine what drives value, and detracts from it, in your business. We’ll also look at what makes your business sellable, and help you make improvements where they matter most when the time comes to sell.

You started your business with a dream. Businesses are successfully built and sold, however, by keeping a firm grip on reality. Sometimes the reality is that your business isn’t quite ready to go to market. Allan Taylor can help you get from where you are today to your desired destination with your business.


Allan Taylor was instrumental in helping us grow our business from a small start-up to one of the top competitors in our area. Chris and Barbara helped us see our business for what it is: an asset that needs to provide us with a healthy return on our investment. We now know what drives value in our business, and make decisions accordingly. - Brent & Mandy M.

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