Following are some of the best articles we’ve run across on selling a business, buying a business, business valuation, building value in your business, and other helpful advice on middle market M&A. Enjoy! 

What creates value in your business? — Don’t let the math stop you from reading this enlightening article on how buyers value a business. We promise you’ll learn a lot!

Run your business to sell it, and other lessons learned — Great recap of the Be Sage Conference that Barbara Taylor spoke at in Chicago earlier this month. An awesome event!

Navigating your company’s sale: 5 tips for business acquisitions — Nice overview of the primary things you need to know before heading into the “uncharted waters” of middle market M&A.

How a commercial lease can affect the value of your business — Can a landlord or commercial property lease prevent the sale of your business? You bet!

Understanding warranties, representations and sandbagging — This post is written for a particular industry, but the concepts – and “gotchas” – are applicable to all.

Can you sell your business to a client? — This article features a real-life account of one owner’s ideal exit strategy. A good read, some good advice and a happy ending.

Why do we make decisions our future selves regret? — “The person you are right now is as transient, as fleeting and as temporary as all the people you’ve ever been.”

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Author: Barbara Taylor

Barbara is co-founder of Allan Taylor & Co. and a former New York Times blogger. She has been a small-business owner since 2003. Barbara lives with her husband, Chris, and their two sons in Northwest Arkansas.

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